You know isn’t that just like Tony Millionaire? He nags you and nags you to promote his cartoon pilot, and then when it gets picked up, you have to read about it on Comics2Film:

The show was aired as part of a pilot competition on the Cartoon Network, in which fans could vote on their favorites among a field of dozens of animated programs. It turns out, the show about a black bird with a penchant for grain alcohol was far and away the favorite pilot among viewers in the Adult Swim polls.

In all seriousness, we’re thrilled that the show has been picked up. Millionaire’s collaborator Eric Kaplan has many interesting things to say in the above interview:

Gesamtkunstwerk is a word from German philosophy that means “a total artwork,” something that would include music and painting and storytelling and they thought it was opera, these Germans, but they were wrong. They had the idea before the reality, which is animation. With animation, every aspect of it is, should be, can be part of a single organic artistic vision. I had this enterprise and we just needed geniuses. Like all you need is a genius and it would be in great shape, it would be a great company.

So then I heard that Tony Millionaire was a genius looking for some actual collection of people in the world who could realize his vision. So I was really excited and I wrote to Tony. I spent a lot of time courting him. And I just said sincerely, you’re this genius, you’ve been crucifying yourself every night, neglecting your family, neglecting the demands of your body in order to create this legacy with no reward from the world and just with this incredible integrity. So I almost felt like I would have an opportunity to steal some of his good karma.

[Link via CBR]


  1. That’s funny – I was under the impression that Fat Guy & the internet show was the winner of this pilot competition on Adult Swim. They’ve been running those hilarious bumpers ( if i’m using the correct terminology to describe those black cue cards in between shows ) specifically stating that this Fat Guy show was returning with new episodes in April of next year ) .

    Or was it a contest at all?



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