With Miles Morales’ home being disintegrated in the pages of Secret Wars #1, the hero needed a new title and world to call his own. Morales is continuing his career as Spider-Man within a title publishing post-Secret Wars known only as Spider-Man. In the unfamiliar environment of the 616 Marvel Universe (the main continuity for Marvel fans,) the new Spider-Man will continue his adventures. A few old Spidey friends are chronicling the adventures of the young hero including creators of the character Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. The New York Daily News announced the story and featured brand new promotional art drawn by Pichelli.


Bendis noted that the series was about “the real Spider-Man,” as CBR pointed out from NY Daily News, along with the cover seen above featuring the lettering of the title along with the aforementioned Pichelli image. “Our message has to be it’s not Spider-Man with an asterisk, it’s the real Spider-Man for kids of color, for adults of color and everybody else,” Bendis is making his mission statement for the title clear.

This leaves the fate of the original Spider-Man up in the air for now. Will Marvel simply have an extra Spider book in the line for Miles, or will Peter finally be allowed to hang up the costume for good? The new book is launching this Fall.


  1. I’m guessing there will also be a Peter Parker Spidey comic later this year or early next year. It’d be a strange decision to retire him when Parker/Spidey is going to be in the Civil War movie.

  2. The final issue of MILES MORALES: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, which was a lead into the whole SECRET WARS magilla, clocked in on the sales charts as #103 with 29,318 issues sold to dealers. That put its sales below CAPTAIN MARVEL, MS. MARVEL and SPIDER-MAN 2099.

    I sincerely doubt Marvel is sending Peter out to pasture and handing the reins over to the new guy.


  3. Miles has a consistent fan base, sells well in trade,online and appeals to kids. Trying to say it ‘sells worse than Spider-Man 2099’ is a cherry-picked stat seeing as SM2099 fell precipitously since its introduction while Miles has sustained a fan base over the course of 4 years. Ms Marvel is also successful. And no, Captain Marvel is not as popular as Miles.

  4. Sweet baby Jesus.

    I am all for diversifying the lines at the Big Two, but this type of thing so rarely works. Would it kill Bendis to have an original idea and use his huge platform to launch it? Maybe?

  5. MILES MORALES: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 debuted on the charts at # 36 with 45,864 copies. That’s a long ways to fall in just a year. Not as far as SPIDER-MAN 2099, which had about twice as many sales for its first issue. But what kind of limp praise is that? “Hey, you know that book that’s been dropping like a rock on the sales charts? Well, we may still sell fewer issues but our rate of decline isn’t nearly as bad. High five!”


  6. Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering, black kids used to like Soider-Man fine when Peter Parker was white. I’d bet $5 more black kids read white Spider-Man today than read Miles Morales.


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