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In our report on the Met Fashion Institute’s superhero fashion show, we erroneously wrote that the 12-foot high statues of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman would be on display for a while. Alas, they were only there for the one day, so we count ourselves very fortunate to have seen them at all. However this does beg the question of what will now be done with the statues? According to Paul Levitz DC is “trying to find a good home for them.” The statues are probably too big and fragile to transport so an appearance at San Diego might not be feasible..but it would be cool.

Speaking of eh Met fashion show, Peter Sanderson has a 5000-word essay on the opening, plus 2000 more words on Iron Man and what not.

There are a number of costumes in the exhibition that explicitly work variations on Superman’s “S” emblem. But the majority of the clothes in this show do not demonstrate direct influence from the comics. Rather, the “Superheroes” exhibition shows comic book artists and fashion designers following parallel paths in working along various themes. Hence, the section called “The Aerodynamic Body” compares the sleek uniform of the Silver Age Flash, suitable to a man who runs at super-speed, with bodysuits from Nike and Speedo intended for athletes. “The Patriotic Body” segment deals with American flag motifs in the uniforms of Captain America and Wonder Woman as well as costumes from the House of Dior. The Maguire Spider-Man costumes appear alongside fashions utilizing webbing motifs designed by Giorgio Armani, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and others. (Armani even pointed out in an interview that he was not thinking of Spider-Man when he designed the costume in the show.)

Since you couldn’t make the press preview, reading Peter’s column is pretty much like being there.


  1. Heidi–Yep, we saw the costume exhibit last Friday and after we walked through, I kept on looking around to find the big figures. I asked a couple of the guards or attendants or whatever they are where could I find the statues. They just looked totally blank and pointed to the exhibits in the cases. They obviously had no idea that the statues had ever been there.–Joe

  2. I think the statues would make a good charity auction item. Something like the Make A Wish foundation would benefit from something like that.

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