Mof 2008Continuing our spotlight on our valued collaborators here at The Beat, today we spotlight Marc-Oliver Frisch, who reecently moved to Boise (from his native Germany) for educational purposes. Marc-Oliver’s monthly DC Sales Chart analyses have captivated and infuriated in equal parts for the last six years or so. He started them out on Usenet, but we picked them up for the Pulse and have been posting his efforts ever since. It’s a mind-bogglingly tough task that Marc-Oliver does for no money, so let’s give him a huge round of thanks. You can read his equally opinionated thoughts in the two blogs listed below.

Name: Marc-Oliver Frisch
Residence: Boise, ID
Occupation: Student
Elite Beat Squad Codename: Standard Attrition
Website(s): and
The first comic book you ever remember reading: An Asterix album, maybe.
Name three of your favorite graphic novels: We3, Y: The Last Man, Casanova
Favorite comics writer: Grant Morrison
Favorite comics artist: Hmm, don’t know. Too many to pick one.
Favorite musical act: Right now, TV on the Radio.
Name a movie that made you cry: Two Days in Paris
Name a movie that made you laugh: In Bruges
In my spare time I like to: read stuff, write stuff, watch stuff, run
Betty or Veronica? Um, Olivia?
World of Warcraft or City of Heroes? Um, Zak MacKracken?
Lost or 24? Um, Deadwood?
What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Secret Invasion.
Blogging — boon to mankind or a clear and present danger? Both, probably, like most things.
In five years comics will be… mostly paperless.


  1. Thanks Marc-Oliver! I always love to read your DC sales analysis and really like that you include Dark Horse comics and analysis. Thanks again!

  2. This guy is awesome. Cheers for his column and staying with it. This is one of the gems I look forward to every month.

  3. I’ve never understood why Marc & Paul aren’t paid *something* for contributing to what is arguably the most viewed and discussed article on here each month. I know I probably wouldn’t have followed the Beat over from the Pulse if it weren’t for the sales charts. I assumed when they went exclusive to the Beat and pulled out of Usenet it was because PW had hired them to contribute.

    Still they do an amazing job and have my thanks for it.

  4. Cary,

    “Is Marc – Oliver standing in front of Ellis Island?”

    No, that would be the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Haven’t made it to the East Coast yet, I’m afraid.

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

  5. Wait a sec – Marc…

    You mean to tell me that you made it to the US through the back door entrance?

    Didn’t you make stop overs at New York or Chicago before making it to Utah??



  6. Didn’t have time for that, unfortunately, but I plan to stop over on my way back later this year. Chicago and New York are definitely in my sights.

    My trip here was straight to Vancouver, then Portland, then Boise. So I got two Oceans for the price of one, basically. Quite a bit to take in if you’ve never left Europe before.