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A new online comic by Mike Dawson.

Speaking of Dawson, go see him and Alex Robinson TONIGHT at McNally Robinson:

Alex Robinson, author of Too Cool To Be Forgotten (Top Shelf)

Mike Dawson, author of Freddie & Me: A Coming-Of-Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody (Bloomsbury)

Two talented graphic novelists have created new works about high school. Alex Robinson writes about a forty-something father trying to quit smoking, who gets transported back to his teenage years. Mike Dawson’s memoir details, among other things, his teenage love for Queen and Freddie Mercury. Dawson is the creator of the comics series Gabagool and has been published in numerous anthologies Robinson has written several award-winning graphic novels including Box Office Poison. The authors will interview each other about their work, with slides from the books.


  1. Alex really did a great job with Too Cool. When I read that book I could see all those kids who were exactly like that ‘back in the day’. I think the library market is going to really love this book. Even the more adventuresome high school educators will pick it up.

    Great store too. If you havent been to McNally Robinson yet, you are missing out on a great indie store.

  2. This comic is awesome, but he needs to move it off LJ onto it’s own site. LJ is hell to navigate for stuff like this. Is it going to be Act-i-vate’d, I wonder?