Newsarama co-founder Matt Brady has announced he’s leaving the site. In his statement, he says it’s of his own choice. Newsarama, which was acquired by Imaginova a few years back, will continue under the guidance of co-founder Michael Doran and frequent contributor Lucas Siegel, husband of DC assistant editor Janelle Siegel.

Brady has seen a lot in his nearly 20 years of covering the industry, and his farewell should be read in its entirety, but this one bit should be highlighted:

Over the years, I’ve seen this industry change from a niche that we were all convinced was on life support to a thriving, vibrant, legitimate and accepted form of media whose characters are now virtually in every household, theater, and store. I’ve ridden its ups and downs and reported on just about everything that could be reported on. I’ve covered what looked to be its mortal wounds, and celebrated new directions that pioneered new ground. I’ve made tons of friends over the years, laughing and crying with them over good news and bad. Paul Levitz says we’re a “tribe” – something that has its own social and community connotations, and I remember one year at some show or something, telling Jimmy Palmiotti that I see him more than I see most of my family. It was something that I think Charles Brownstein commented on too – calling the now year-long convention schedule a never-ending summer camp.

On a personal note, Matt and I were friends and competitors at various times over the years, and had a few dust-ups, but there is no question but that he pioneered online coverage of comics, and was absolutely one of the best at it. He commands my lasting respect and best wishes in whatever direction he chooses to take.


  1. wow, I knew he was dealing with a lot of crap but I never thought he’d leave without it being some big S*&^storm.

    I also wonder what the real reason was, as he gave no definitive answer, be it, to be with family, on to bigger and better things, getting compensated or just sick of comics?