Per what we can only guess would be Disney’s wishes, the following news write-up complies with Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill.

In a pair of PR announcements released on Tuesday, March 15th, 2022, Marvel Comics announced their Pride offerings for 2022. This includes another issue of the apparently annual anthology Marvel’s Voices: Pride, which does have an admittedly great lineup of [REDACTED] creators, along with a series of Pride variant covers featuring many of Marvel’s [APPREHENDED] heroes.

Celebrating [DELETED] Pride!

Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2022) #1 will feature a lot of great [CENSORED] creators on some pretty interesting-sounding stories. These will include Charlie Jane Anders, who recently made her Marvel Comics debut in another anthology, Women of Marvel (2022) #1. Just as Somnus was introduced in Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2021) #1, the PR promises that Anders will be introducing us to a new [REDACTED] Marvel hero in this anthology.

Also particularly exciting is the Marvel Comics debut of Grace Freud. The funniest and most insightful stand-up comedian working today (yes, she’s funnier than whatever dude you’re thinking of) worked with Scott B. Henderson on a story about “the Marvel Universe’s favorite [DELETED] ginger, D-Man!”

Another Marvel Comics debut for this issue will be Andrew Wheeler, writing a story about Hercules that will feature art by Brittney Williams. And the debuts keep coming, with Ira Madison III exploring the “legacy of Pride.”

In addition, Chris Cantwell will pen a tale about Moondragon, Alyssa Wong will work with Stephen Byrne in a story that will reunite the Young Avengers, and Danny Lore writes a tale about two closeted characters.

The press release promises that more artists will be revealed as the issue gets closer to release on June 15th, 2022.

And of course, it won’t just be one Giant-Sized one-shot that will be marketed to celebrate [CENSORED] Pride come June: there will also be a slew of variant covers across the Marvel Comics line, by Luciano Vecchio and Betsy Cola.

Arriving in [DELETED] Pride Month

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