Today marks the third week in a row Marvel’s new digital collected editions have been put on sale for 99¢.  At this point, we have to assume it’s ongoing sale.  It’s probably safe to assume that tomorrow will see a few more titles being added that reprint older material.  That’s been the pattern for the previous two weeks.

Here’s the current link to the Amazon/Kindle sale page.  (For whatever reason, Amazon seems to generate a different page each week.)  Here’s the link for the Comixology sale page.  (Which you might want to bookmark for future reference.)

What’s on sale this week?

Of note:

While I can’t speak to the second half of that Demon Bear collection, there’s a reason the original Claremont/Sienkiewicz story is one of the big influences on the New Mutants film.  Those 3 issues are worth 99¢ all by themselves.

While you wouldn’t necessarily think it by the title, that Wolverine Epic Collection’s description says that it includes Wolverine: Origin.  Jenkins and Kubert are listed as creators, so there you go.  You get a lot of issues in one of those Epic Collections.

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  1. These sales have been amazing. Last week I got the Strange Tales Masterworks Vol 1 for 99 cents. They’re not very good, but I’m a sucker for that Atlas Comics history.

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