Evidently, all the excitement over Marvel’s new webcomics has created such an online hubbub that Marvel.com has crashed.

They need to cowboy up!

Oh well.

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  1. A screwed server doesn’t demonstrate success; it demonstrates a lack of knowledge and foresight. Success would be a functioning server that can catch all the clicks from folks who don’t read comics who are clicking the link in the mainstream news stories everywhere today but will have completely forgotten about it by tomorrow.

  2. Also, the server being pooched isn’t indicative of the number of hits. The comic files are large. Visitors are now demanding tens of megabytes of data instead of the usual hundreds of kilobytes. They didn’t shore up their servers in anticipation of that demand.

  3. They really *are* a webcomics site, then. When I launched Modern Tales, it crashed — and I panicked. While in the process of moving over to a different hosting provider, I also checked all the messageboard chatter (no blogs back then), only to discover, to my surprise, that this was seen as a sign of success.

    Actually, it was just that I was depending on $35/month hosting when I should have been buying $800/month hosting (which is what I ended up buying).

    So yeah.

    Congrats to Marvel!

    I’ll be subscribing. Soon as I get a chance.

  4. I think comix fans like a little bit of breakdown/disaster mixed in with the usual drama. Spidey to the rescue…

  5. “Also, the server being pooched isn’t indicative of the number of hits. The comic files are large.”

    Not true. Large comic files would in no way affect a database server. The problem could have been bad code, or an overworked server (overworked by requests, not images), or both.

    Ideally, their site would have gone to an error page instead of dumping that, but they aren’t the only ones guilty of not catching connection errors. :)

  6. I get this when i try to connect to marvel? and who is doctor strange and this Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.


  7. The doctorstrange hack has only been reported on one blog so far, http://bostodelphia.blogspot.com/. I have been trying marvel.com every chance I get since Friday morning to no avail. It is still unclear to me whether only a few people are having this problem or if I am just missing the spot where everyone is talking about it. With all the rigmarole about the digital archive just a few days ago I’m kind of surprised about the total lack of reaction to its pwning.

  8. I’ve been getting that doc strange error/hack thing since yesterday, too. Very strange that this hasn’t been more reported. I’d say that at this point it has to be only affecting certain people (or IP ranges).

  9. You guys have no idea how relieved I am to find this thread. I’ve got the weird doctorstrange problem also– and it’s been driving me completely insane. To make it especially weird, my office computer (ironically) is FINE. It’s just my own laptop that won’t work.

    I’ve done everything that I can think of. I’ve deleted browsers, installed new browsers, deleted cache’s, deleted cookies, lowered security settings, re-installed flash, quicktime, java, and several other things that I have no true understanding of.

    And none of my buddies seem to have this problem either.

    If anyone gets any ideas, PLEASE don’t hesitate to share them.

  10. Here’s more weirdness with the doctorstrange error. I have a PC and a Mac on my network. The PC worked fine with Marvel.com on Thursday. Saturday morning, I try to get on and get the doctorstrange error. I write about it on a forum and get no responses about it. A friend calls and says he has no problems getting in with his PC. I try another browser. I delete cookies. I restart Firefox. I restart the computer. Still nothing. I try it on the Mac laptop on which I’ve never gone to marvel.com, but is on the same network. Same problem. Visit another friend who is having no problem. Meanwhile, all pages on my PC now open very slowly.

    I figure I’ll look into this more at work tomorrow and shut down the PC. I am now on the Mac, and the PC is shut down. Now, the Mac has no problem bringing up marvel.com.

    I’m very confused.

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