With zero fanfare, Marvel has cancelled Loki; a series announced just this April. The recent series, penned by ClickHole Founding Editor Daniel Kibblesmith with art by Oscar Bazaldua colors by David Curiel and letters by Clayton Cowles, had a brief, five issue run. Although the team was able to follow its first planned arc completely, Loki was originally pitched as an ongoing. Then again, this move is far from unprecedented for the publisher.

Kibblesmith broke the news that Loki had been cancelled in issue #5’s letter column, titled “Mischief Mail.” Responding to one particular reader who asked if they’d see more of the series’ gender-fluid character, the Goddess of the Moon, Kibblesmith wrote “we’re now closing up shop on this nook of the House of Ideas.” He also added that he personally writes Loki as gender-fluid and that, even though his tenure on the series is over, “the Moon never wanes for long.”

Despite the Loki cancellation, the writer maintains that optimism throughout his responses. As yet another reader asks about another character, Verity, Kibblesmith thanks them for buying single issues and supporting the run, before closing with the following “I wanted to leave the characters in a place I’d like to see them as a fan myself, together with an open road before them. ‘To be continued,’ as they say.”

On Twitter, although Kibblesmith doesn’t mention the cancellation, he does encourage followers to check out Loki #5. The Loki trade collecting all five issues hits shelves on January 8, 2020. Check out this final issue’s cover below; it’s available digitally and in stores now with interiors from guest artist Andy MacDonald.

loki cancelled


  1. This is a bitter disappointment. It was a good series that I actually enjoyed subscribing for. I never even received issue #5 in the mail, so the fail with Marvel is strong.

    I hope they relaunch something when the Disney+ show airs.

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