Surprise, surprise – it’s the first week of April and Marvel just unleashed another massive 99¢ digital tpb sale.  It looks similar, but not completely the same as the last one.  Here’s the sale directory at Amazon/Kindle and here’s the sale directory at Comixology.  (You’re going to see some of those same title listed in multiple categories at Comixology.)

A few recommendations:

You see where Black Bolt got nominated for a Hugo Award?  I read the first 5 issues this week and I’ll attest to it being a worthy nomination.

You’ve already ready the masterpiece that is The Vision, right?  RIGHT?

Granted, Tomb of Dracula doesn’t really take off until Marv Wolfman takes over in issue #7 (i.e. stick with it), but this series is one of the best of the ’70s.

Seen the Black Panther film?  Here’s the Marvel Comics Presents serial by Don McGregor and Gene Colan:

Here’s a ’30 pulp noir that was completely under the radar when it first came out:

Claremont & Byrne didn’t only work on X-Men.  They also did a well-regarded run on Marvel Team-Up

Did you pick up Steve Gerber’s final Man-Thing tale?  (Kevin Nowlan’s art is unlikely to hurt your feelings.)

How about just under 500 pages worth of Peter David’s Hulk run?

That’s just scratching the surface, so go and have a look.

On a more sober note, it feels really odd to seeing another ~270+ item 99¢ sale so soon after the last one.  Particularly when there are so many recent releases in it.  One really wonders what the intended long term strategy is or if this is strictly short term revenue?

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  1. OK — I’m stumped. I’m with Todd — why are they selling ~50 TPBs that were published in the last 3 months (and a handful within 2-3 weeks ago) for this price?

    The lesson I’d take away from this is: Don’t pre-order your Marvel TPBs and HBs from your local comic book store. Wait a few weeks and pick it up digitally for $0.99.

    How do comics retailers feel about this, now that it’s happening on a weekly basis? I’d think that a story there… (Not to mention a good question to ask at Marvel’s C2E2 “special forum”.)

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