Marvel announced two more Secret Wars tie-ins today respectively via their website and FastCompany. First, Marc Guggenheim and Carlos Pacheco bring the Squadron Supreme into the fold with a new series called, Squadron Sinister. The book brings brings back the original and much more villainous incarnation of the Squadron as seen in The Avengers #69 and #70 back in 1969.


The writer teased a battle between Squadron Sinister and a modern Squadron Supreme, which won’t end well for one of the groups. When Guggenheim was asked about the idea behind the series, he responded, “This series is really rooted heavily in the new politics of Battleworld, which you’ll really get more of a sense of in Secret Wars,” Guggenheim told “Our guys live in a province called Utopolis which they rule with an iron thumb. Basically the ruler of Battleworld gives the barons of the provinces pretty wide birth, but at the same time, if you screw up the repercussions are pretty severe.”


Marvel also announced via FastCompany that the fan favorite combination of writer KellySue DeConnick and Captain Marvel would get a Secret Wars revamp in the form of a new series titled Captain Marvel and The Carol Corps. DeConnick will be joined by co-writer Kelly Thompson and artist David Lopez. The series pairs Carol Danvers with an all-female squadron of fighter pilots. Some of these characters will be returning faces from the Banshee Squadron team introduced earlier in DeConnick’s run. More than just an off-beat story orbiting the event, the book will dive into Carol Danvers past while putting her in conflict with forces all over the Marvel Universe.

Editor Sana Amanat acknowledged the books title as a nod to the groups of fans that have identified themselves as Carol Corps, “It’s really meant to be a celebration of all of the women, and not even just women, all of the fans who flock towards Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers, who are really saluting her while they’re reading about her at the same time.”

Both series will launch in June under the Warzones! banner.


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