We’ve spotted the cover of the final Frank Miller/Dave Gibbons collaboration on Martha Washington, and here’s the solicitation info:



On sale July 11, FC, 24 pages, $3.50 One-shot

On Earth, the battle for freedom rages on. The year is 2095 and the day is the one-hundredth birthday of Martha Washington. She is the leader of a small, resolute band that will not forfeit the pursuit of liberty—no matter what the cost. Today, the cost will be high. Martha has seen much in her hundred years, from the triumphs and tragedies of the battlefront, to the deepest reaches of space. Today, she will finally see the truth.

Includes a special section of never-before-seen production sketches and drawings that predate Martha’s first series, Give Me Liberty, along with Frank Miller’s original plot notes, all wrapped inside a high-quality card stock cover.  This all-new story by two of comics’ legendary creators is the unprecedented conclusion to one woman’s epic struggle for life’s most valuable quality—freedom.

Miller and Gibbons reunite to tell the final chapter!

Thanks to Richard Starkings for pointing out the cover.


  1. Cary is right, 24 pages seems a bit light for this of all series. Not sure I’d press anyone’s feet to the fire for a mini-series, but I’d love a one-shot that hit the 48 to 64 page mark.

    Still, that said, I DO appreciate the ability of simply telling a story, without padding, or whatnot – and some of the best stories have been told on such short platforms.

    And… now that I think of it…. 24 pages and it STILL includes bonus material? How much actual story is in there? In any event, I’m a big fan of the series and I will be picking this up.

  2. What, no closeup on Martha Washington’s ass for the cover, a la that issue of All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder?

  3. I loved Give Me Liberty, and the politics in that book seem quite different than the political views that Miller has spoken about recently. Perhaps by killing Martha, he’s telling us something about himself? I still don’t really get where Miller’s politics are (e.g., I could be totally wrong about him), but this doesn’t sound good.

  4. I scanned the issue at the store yesterday and put it back. There’s no story! And the artwork has become so dry and sterile it reminds me of those Superman lunchbox images by Garcia-Lopez. Whatever Gibbons had going for him artistically back in the days of Give Me Liberty seems to be exhausted. The colorist goes overboard trying to compensate.

    I think this is just a lame excuse to milk the GML popularity one more time prior to releasing an Ultimate Martha Washington Collection. Wait and see. There’s so much more they could do if they really wanted to, but Gibbons seems to be concentrating all his energy on the GL Corps title.

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