Last year, Mark Millar’s mini-series The Magic Order introduced the idea of a war between different families of magicians. It was the first new comic from Millar (with artist Olivier Coipel) after signing a 2017 deal selling his company Millarworld to Netflix. Netflix is now moving forward with a series based on the comic with filmmaker James Wan and screenwriter Lindsey Beer on board to make it.
Wan will direct the pilot for the series, which is added to his impressive roster of shows both for the networks as well as streaming services like the Swamp Thing series for DC Universe, premiering later this month. Wan also continues to be busy producing films in the “Conjuring Universe” for New Line, including the upcoming Annabelle Comes Home, although this looks like it will be his first project as a director after last year’s blockbuster Aquaman. (Although a sequel to Aquaman is inevitable, that’s still being developed in the screenplay stage with no production start date.)
Beer recently adapted Patrick Ness’ sci-fi series Chaos Walking, and she also wrote the rom-com Sierra Burgess is a Loser for Netflix. Beer will write and act as showrunner for The Magic Order, as well as executive produce along with Wan.
The Magic Order is yet another high-profile comic book adaptation from Netflix, following Gerald Way’s The Umbrella Academy, which was recently renewed for a second season.
Casting on the show should be interesting, as there are a  lot of compelling characters and possibilities on who can play them. Cordelia Moonstone in particular should interest a lot of actors, as should the antagonist Madame Albany.
The sixth and final issue of the mini-series was released three months back.