BOOM! Studios announced Tuesday in an exclusive to The Beat that French cartoonist Marie Spénale will release an English version of her new graphic novel, Wonder Pony, in April 2020. The book explores friendship and imagination as it follows sixth grader Louison to a new school… where she discovers that she has superpowers!

Here’s the full synopsis:

For Louison, going back to school for sixth grade looks set to be eventful to say the least… not only is it time to face the terrifying world of boarding school and make friends, but it turns out she has superpowers! Thanks to her friend Jean-Pierre – who happens to be a pink pony – Louison gains the ability to transform herself into a super-heroine: WONDER PONY

Her mission? To keep watch over the school, and protect her classmates and friends from any dangers that might arise…

“Louison is a heroine I would have liked to be in sixth grade: a girl who’s a little bit shy, but courageous, and who learns to overcome the monsters that haunt her school thanks to Jean-Pierre, a tiny magic pony!” Spénale said in a statement. “Thanks to him, she becomes super strong and very popular. The dream, right? I hope you have as much fun reading  as I did when I wrote and drew it!”

Spénale, who’s based in Brussels, has worked as an illustrator with multiple European publishers and publications. Her first graphic novel, Heidi In Spring, was published in 2017. Last year, she published a French edition of Wonder Pony, which was nominated for the Angoulême Youth Award.

“Thanks to Marie’s vivid characters and incredible illustrations, every page of Wonder Pony comes alive with adventure, fun, friendship, and the sense of excitement that comes with each new school year,” said Editor Sophie Philips-Roberts in a statement. “This book is for every kid—and kid at heart—who daydreams about gaining fantastical powers, becoming a superhero, and busting out of their classroom to go and save the day!

Wonder Pony hits shelves in April 2020. To keep up with Spénale, follow her on Twitter @MarieSpenale. For more from BOOM! Studios including their upcoming titles, visit

Check out an exclusive preview of Wonder Pony below.

Wonder Pony cover Wonder Pony preview

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