We just can’t improve on the Express Times’ own headline as one brave man combined gymnastics and a Spider-man costume to pave the way for tolerance and find happiness as a male cheerleader:

Brian Kovacs, a comic book geek, always liked Spiderman. He saw the superhero’s high-flying moves and thought it would be cool if he could do that.

So he took up gymnastics and learned how to tumble. He bought a Spiderman outfit and prepared for the talent show at Stroudsburg Area High School.

Then a roundly teased sophomore, he went on stage in full Spiderman garb with Spiderman theme music playing and put on a show of somersaults and back flips and handsprings.

The crowd was impressed, particularly Steve from German class. “Did you ever think of becoming a cheerleader?”

The rest, as they say, is history. Or perhaps the sequel to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.