The Beat is so behind the times, we completely missed the announcement that Adult Swim would be playing one of our favorite cult BritComs, the highly droll LOOK AROUND YOU. A take off on 70s kids science shows, 8 slim episodes — each only 10 minutes long — captures slow moving lab assistants taking on the wonders of maths, sulphur and ghosts, among other topics, armed only with a pencil to poke, stir or point, and experiments that remake the law of physics. (6 more half hour shows were made but we haven’t seen them.)

Previously, we thought LOOK AROUND YOU fans were a conspicuously tiny tribe, but it seems there are more, including folks at Adult Swim! And for all of you, this AV club interview with creators Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz , will be a big treat:

Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz’s short-lived comedy series Look Around You debuted on the BBC in 2002; the first season consisted of a mere eight 10-minute segments spoofing the classroom educational films Popper and Serafinowicz watched as kids in the late ’70s and early ’80s. But those super-short episodes, exploring topics like “Maths” and “Sulphur,” garnered the BAFTA nominees a cult following, including comedy notables ranging from Tim and Eric to Matt Groening. Popper and Serafinowicz—part of the Brit comedy circle that includes Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright—later adjusted the format for the show’s second and final season.

The duo is apparently now engaged in this, but we need a lot of spare time to explore its ramifications.

And yes, Serafinowitz’s nerd burden is being the voice of Darth Maul’s one and only line in PHANTOM MENACE.


  1. I’ve been a huge fan for a couple of years (thank god for torrents), and I’m really glad they’re getting a wider audience. I wish they’d gone longer than 2 seasons! Those UK shows really leave you wanting more but at least they end before things get tired (hello US ‘Office’).

    Thanks Heidi. Theidi.