Jill Gerber is joining Lion Forge as Director of Education Outreach and Collections.  An award winning teacher with twenty five years of classroom experience and advocate of using comic books as part of the educational process, Gerber’s position will focus on supporting teachers and librarians in their front line efforts to add comics to the curriculums and collections.

Official PR follows:

Lion Forge has quickly gained the reputation of being one of comics publishing’s most forward-thinking companies, with a focus on growing comic book readership across markets and their commitment to “comics for everyone.” This guiding principle has garnered the publisher tremendous success in the book trade, libraries, and in the core business of the comic book specialty market.

Today, the publisher adds Jill Gerber, longtime veteran and advocate of comic books as tools for education in a new position dedicated to providing teachers and librarians support for adding comics to their collections and curriculums. Gerber’s experience and expertise will also serve to develop and find content that will allow Lion Forge to expand its catalog in new and exciting ways.

“Lion Forge created this position because it is committed to supporting teachers and librarians who are integrating graphic literature consistent with best teaching practices and to expand its collection to satisfy the needs of our communities and classrooms,” says Jill Gerber, director of education outreach and collections. “As a veteran classroom teacher searching for ways to breathe new life into traditional content and to reach all students in my classroom, I discovered the benefits of graphic literature. Sequential art storytelling creates, communicates, and teaches complex concepts in unique and beneficial ways.”

“Jill Gerber has been a member of the Lion Forge extended family for quite some time and has already lent her experience as an educator to representing us on numerous panels and in outreach to schools and libraries,” says Lion Forge CEO and founder David Steward II. “As the school year comes to a close, I am excited to add her to the Lion Forge staff in continuing this mission on a full-time basis. Her perspective will set us up for even further success and growth in these markets and establish us as a market leader in comics as tools for education.”

Gerber concludes, “In an increasingly image-driven culture, it is important that we purposefully incorporate visual literacy into our curriculum and equip our students, not only to be better consumers of information but also for them to effectively communicate to a global community.I look forward to sharing practical ideas and information with teachers and librarians about the use of graphic literature in education.”

Please join us in congratulating Jill Gerber on her newly created position at Lion Forge.

Jill L. Gerber is an award-winning and Teaching All Kinds of Minds–certified educator of twenty-five years, and longtime advocate of graphic literature in curriculums. She began her career in education in 1993, moving into the classroom on a full-time basis in 1997. Since then, she has been published numerous times and presented at conventions in conferences around the country. Gerber is a University of Chicago graduate and a recipient of the following awards: Richard B. Kobusch Humanities Endowed Chair (2017), Emerson Electric Excellence in Teaching (2002), ISSL Teacher of Distinction (2002), and Office Depot, Teacher Success Stories (2002).