Just in time for the July release of A Sea of Love, Lion Forge announces the acquisition of Wilfrid Lupano’s graphic novel, Curtain Call.  Illustrated by DreamWorks animator Rodolphe Guenoden, Curtain Call is the tale of a man who tries to right his life by robbing an armored car… and then performing a noble act mid-crime.

Official PR follows:

In anticipation of Wilfrid Lupano and Gregory Panaccione’s heartwarming and at times hilarious wordless epic, A Sea of Love, Lion Forge announces Wilfrid Lupano’s celebrated graphic novel, Curtain Call!

Curtain Call is acharacter-driven crime thriller in the proud tradition of Martin Scorsese and the Coen Brothers, where the caper itself is just the framework for an engaging and engrossing set of character studies, illustrated by DreamWorks animator Rodolphe Guenoden (credited as Rodguen).

“Wilfrid Lupano is one of those amazing writers who consistently puts out gold-medal material. His knack for capturing the human condition in identifiable, lovable, yet endearingly flawed characters is almost magical,” says Mike Kennedy, creative director of the Magnetic Collection. “Even though A Sea of Love and Curtain Call are vastly different in tone and genre, they’re perfect illustrations of just how versatile and engaging his writing talent is. There’s a reason his works have won so many awards!”

In Curtain Call, lead character Vincent’s life is spiraling down the drain. He has abandoned the woman he loves and their unborn child. But now, with nothing in his life but a barfly drinking buddy named Gaby Rocket, he’s ready to finally fix himself and make things right. And that all starts with a bank truck heist . . . but for Vincent, it’s not about the money. He sees an opportunity to do something noble in the midst of this crime that could give his life the purpose its long been missing. Unfortunately, his buddy Gaby doesn’t see eye to eye with him on this.

A Sea of Love is an award-winning tale told without any words—not even sound effects!—brought to life by illustrator and animator Gregory Panaccione (Martin Mystery, Matt’s Monsters, ChronoSquad). This testament to not only the power of sequential storytelling but the power of love itself will be released in comic shops everywhere on July 18.

Curtain Call is announced just ahead of its release to kick off Lion Forge’s announcements for Comic-Con International, with the book arriving on shelves on September 26. For more information, consult Diamond’s July-dated PREVIEWS catalog, and reserve your copy with your favorite retailer today!



  1. And for those in a digital comics reading mode, Lupano’s “The Old Geezers” series is great fun. Four volumes are out now, with a fifth coming at the end of the year. There’s a movie coming out in France next month, too.

    I, of course, have a review. ;-) https://www.pipelinecomics.com/the-old-geezers-v1-alive-and-still-kicking/

    He also did a Valerian book that’s really good with the great Mathieu Lauffray that’s well worth a read. Cinebook might have that in print already…

    In other words, Lupano is a writer worth following.

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