It seems that just as one must own various kinds of casual or formal shoes, one must have a variety of websites to capture various moods. So here’s our guide.

Deep thoughts — you got it right here, pardner!

Chatty stories about air conditioners one would share with friends — LJ.

Just added, a Tumblr blog, Secrets & Mysteries, for random clippings, mostly to do with politics or sociological issues.

Ephemeral thoughts, mostly involving temporary physical needs, that are so important that you must share them with all your friends and the rest of the world IMMEDIATELY!!!!, Twitter.

Information dump for potential stalkers: Facebook. Please note, I don’t befriend people I don’t know on Facebook I guess I’ll set up a Beat Facebook page one of these days. Until then, don’t be offended if I don’t befriend you. I have spent some time recently contemplating whether Facebook is evil, demonic, or truly Satanic, and it’s probably the latter, since it seems to be set up as a way to share your phone list/diary with your friends. That said, I’ve become addicted to my friendlist status updates — one can endlessly speculate about who’s doing what, and it has completely obviated the need to actually communicate with friends any more, ftw!


  1. I just don’t understand the allure of Facebook. I really don’t.

    myspace is where it’s at. Where else can I find a loyal legion of followers that comprise of nothing but strippers, underwear models, and porn addicts who await each and every Thursday for my blog about living life on the edge side by side amongst white trash drug addicts and prostitutes in the San Fernanado Valley.

    I finally found the audience niche I was looking for.

    Facebook’s dull by comparsion.