ANN is reporting a new round of layoffs at anime company ADV, which just recently started getting back into the manga publishing game:

An A.D. Vision (ADV) representative has informed ANN that the company has laid off 13 staff members from various departments of the company. “In October, ADV has laid off a number of positions, pretty much across the board. During the same period, we’ve also hired several new people. The changes in our staff levels and the allocation of staff across departments is a reflection of our priorities for the coming year.”

The move follows recent layoffs at both Funimation and Geneon. The anime business in America has been shaky for a while now, having matured quite some time ago, and facing increased competition from bootlegs, downloading and the other ills of the modern world. While these movies don’t mean it’s all over, it just means that adjustments will continue to be made.


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