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We want this.

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We want this, too. Kuromi is our kind of Sanrio character.

* Birthday: October 31 (Halloween).
* Personality: Although she looks cruel, she is actually very girly. She loves handsome guys.
* Hobby: She enjoys writing in her diary. These days, she’s into romance stories.
* Favorite colour: Black
* Favorite food: Pickled leeks.


  1. Every generation needs their own moniker. And nowadays the definitions come fast and furious. Rap is now hip-hop, goth / punk is now emo, and so on… variations so thin you can see right through it. I will admit, Kuromi did spin off the Japanese Loligoth craze, but that was pre-era “emo”…. or whatever they want to call it nowadays.

    I don’t care. Cute is cute. Kuromi-chan is cute.

  2. Kuromi debuted in the My Melody anime series that came out a couple of years ago in Japan, and she took off like a rocket. There’s a ton of merch out there that has both Melody and Kuromi on it together, usually Melody is smiling and happy and Kuromi is cranky and evil. She’s the first new character added to the My Melody universe in forever, since Melody debuted in the 1970’s.

    I like Kuromi better than Melody now, simply because she has a wider range of expressions. Melody always looks a little like she’s just been pole-axed. ^_^

  3. i luuuuuuuuv kuromi i have a ton of her stuff and the difference between emo and goth is goth people have stuff to do saten and emo people just like the clothes and cut themselvs every once in a while im emo BUT I DON T CUT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!! i keep tell every one that

  4. Cutting and hurting yourself is lame. Kuromi does not like self-destruction.

    Goth people aren’t all into Satan- some are actually into art, poetry and beauty.

    Be careful about judging a book by it’s cover…. like me for instance!
    You will miss out on a lot of interesting people if you judge them by looks or what others tell you to judge them by.

    Make up your own mind- independent thinkers are COOL!