The beloved and unique ’90s cartoon series King Arthur and the Knights of Justice is leaping to the page from the screen thanks to Mad Cave Studios and 41 Entertainment.

A new graphic novel series, King Arthur and the Knights of Justice will release March 12, 2024, from Maverick, Mad Cave Studios’ young adult imprint. The OGN will mark the first collaboration between the comic company and 41 Entertainment, which specializes in animated children’s television shows and films.

Airing for two seasons from 1992-93, King Arthur and the Knights of Justice offered a new take on the popular Arthurian legend. The evil Queen Morgana, Arthur’s sister, traps the ruler and his Knights of the Round Table. To set them free, the New York Knights football is brought to Camelot. Quarterback Arthur King and his teammates gain armor, weapons, and a smattering of magic as they seek to stop Morgana and her forces and free the storied heroes.

Writer Joe Corallo and artist Gaia Cardinali put their own spin on the series, fleshing out the universe ’90s kids know and love. “King Arthur and the Knights of Justice was a show I watched as a kid and had revisited a number of times since, so it was an absolute thrill to not only hear that they were looking to reboot the series, but I’d be getting to write it as well,” Corallo said. “Plus, it was a great excuse to rewatch it again!”

“As a kid, I didn’t get the chance to enjoy King Arthur and the Knights of Justice. I watched the whole series this year,” Cardinali said. “It was a blast! I must thank Mad Cave for letting me be part of this fantastic and absurd world: how else could I have found myself drawing a horse armed with a missile launcher?”

Mark Irwin, VP of Business Development for Mad Cave Studios, said of the partnership, “We couldn’t be happier working with 41 Entertainment to bring the adventures of King Arthur and Princess Gwenevere to our readers. We’ll have exciting new talent aboard to update and grow these fantastic characters, and look forward to their incredible stories coming to life in a new medium.”

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Peacock.