§ In this Czech link from the Prague Writers’ Festival, you will find video of Robert Crumb, Aline Kominsky Crumb and Gilbert Shelton attending said festival.


§ Rick Veitch reveals the Secret Origin Of The Sentry Part 1

Paul and I were old buds, having met while he was at Mirage Studios. We worked closely together on BRAT PACK and THE MAXIMORTAL at Tundra. Paul was focused mostly on production and editing back in those days but clearly had potential as a writer. He and I had often discussed a story he wanted to develop concerning an over-the-hill guy, struggling with addiction, who had a tight relationship with his dog. Paul was trying to come up with a way to show the character’s addiction problem as a manifestation of the unconscious. At one point, if I remember correctly, Paul pitched a horror version of this plot to Steve Bissette for TABOO, although nothing came of it.

§ What is Dylan Horrocks reading this summer, anyway?

§ Jim Salicrup recalls Michael Jackson’s discussion to purchase Marvel, including much else of those heady days. [Via Comics Alliance]

§ Rich Johnston has a useful essay on How To Be A Celebrity At The San Diego Comic Con

How do I get the Comic Con clique to love me? This is the easiest thing of all. Go to the small press comic publisher booths. Walk along and buy something from every table you see. Might cost you $200 to $300 in total. The publishers and creators will twitter this instantly. Go to a panel for your movie, get there early, put your feet up and start reading from a stack of thse comics next to you. The word will spread. And you’ll be a Con God. could be worth an extra fifty grand on your next contract. And if you really really don’t like comics, there are recycle bins around the centre.

§ Cinematical chats with writer Justin Gray:

More people than ever dream about writing for Marvel and DC. What is it REALLY like to be a successful comic book writer? And what does it take?

JG: It is humbling, not everyone gets to make money doing what they love, which in my case is writing comics, film, TV, short stories and so on. I’ve been lucky, I have a great friend and writing partner who believed in me after I left the industry in ’98 and fought to have me work with him when people just wanted his name on their products. I’ve had varying degrees of success over the last eight years, but it has all been an invaluable learning experience that has helped me grow creatively. As far as what it takes to get into and survive in the industry I can only speak for myself. Joe and Jimmy opened a door after I spent a number of years being relentless and dedicated to proving it wasn’t impossible for a writer to break in. After that I feel I’ve had to continue to prove myself on every project. Sometimes the industry can be frustrating, but this frustration is much sweeter than many others I’ve faced. At the end of the day I know I keep pushing myself to do what I love.


  1. Great link on the Czech festival! :)

    Some of the stuff is really interesting on the Crumb’s and what they’ve been up to since moving to France. It’s nice to hear that they are doing well, and according to Aline, are still very much in love with one another.