§ Jeet Heer has a fascinating look at Crumb’s textual take on Genesis.

§ Mike Russell‘s partially cartoon interview with artist Steve Lieber about WHITEOUT, which, even if the movie was an underperformer, is still a pretty good comic book.

§ According to John Lasseter, all that Pixar Ant-Man talk may have been a tad ephemeral:

“I had met all the folks from Marvel a couple of times and they’re terrific,” says Lasseter, a man of few words regarding Pixar’s interest in Marvel properties, “The whole ‘Ant-Man’ thing is just a rumor.”


§ Cameron Stewart talks Batman & Robin and another page of art is revealed.

I’m a huge fan of the series as it’s been so far. Frank Quitely is my favorite comic book artist so it’s pretty exciting to be drawing stuff that follows his design work. That’s what I’m trying to do. It’s pretty hard for me not to be influenced by it. Because he is my favorite artist and having already seen the first three issues of this comic book, it’s hard not to be influenced by him in some way. What I’m going for is not a direct copy of what he’s been doing but I do want it to be consistent. I think my style fits in with that. I think I’m in same vein. I grew up in England and he’s from Scotland so we have a lot of the same childhood comic touchstones. I think we have a similar sensibility.

§ Reverse Direction interviews artist Hwan Cho about the new webcomic KGB

That comic is something that me and Becky, we thought of the idea almost 10 years ago as a fun project and it was based on our interest in Korean pop culture, because we thought it was ridiculous — it was fun and it was cute. We decided to see if we could do a web comic on it, but I think 10 years ago, we were also still in school, we were also, you could say, still kind of young in regard to the comics field, things like that, so we couldn’t really organize ourselves to make that into a comic. It feels like now we’re a little bit more mature — we definitely know which direction we want to go in with the comics and art in general. Plus we though it would be a fun project to revisit and to just share our stories with everybody else.

§ At Comics Waiting Room, Matt Maxwell weighs in on the matter of the day.

§ The swine flu outbreak which hit PAX has struck two Oni employees, but they are resting comfortably, according to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Twitter stream.

Occasional Superheroine: The First Motion Comic?


  1. re: PAX, damn! So I guess Morgan Webb should be a bit concerned! O.o

    *makes note to never attend video game conferences/conventions*

  2. “I want a TPB of all the Hostess ads, all publishers, from the 70s and 80s.”

    Me, too. But until then, I’ll content myself with this:


    I wonder which Aquaman Hostess ad’s original art is in Leiber’s collection; there were at least a half dozen starring the Sea King…