§ Abhay Khosla’s already famed (and spoiler filled) SCOTT PILGRIM #5 review

I’ve always thought SCOTT PILGRIM likely owed its success to that same quality– that it didn’t merely randomly reflect some temporary spasm of the zeitgeist, that it’s not some fluke of particles colliding in a vacuum, but that its success can be tracked to how SCOTT PILGRIM fills a different vacuum, a vacuum for cartoon characters, modern cartoon characters, that speak to life experiences other cartoon characters can’t and/or historically haven’t.

§ Robot 6 begins a feature looking at old and uncollected comics series. First: JUSTICE INC.:

Since Chaykin was unavailable or unwilling to take on that responsibility (Blackhawk was calling no doubt), the job of writer fell to once and future DC editor Andrew Helfer (perhaps best known for shepherding the Paradox Press line), who picked up Chaykin’s ball and ran it all the way out the stadium, creating a sly parody of pulp heroics that veered wildly between over the top slapstick and high (but dead serious) melodrama.

The first handful of issues were ably illustrated by acclaimed artists like Bill Sienkiewicz, but it wasn’t until Kyle Baker took over the art chores with issue eight that the book really found its footing. Baker’s cartoonish style (while nowhere near as elastic as it is today) and Helfer’s barely contained silliness formed an able partnership.

§ A better-written-than-average DC comics rant.

§ If only it were true…» Fanboy Rampage (Slight Return) :

IGN gets Grant Morrison to explain the Crisis Age of comics.


  1. The section you clipped from the Justice Inc. piece actually refers to Helfer and Baker’s Shadow, another uncollected masterpiece of comic goodness.

  2. Not only uncollected; sadly unfinished as well :(
    I am the proud owner of some original art from JUSTICE INC and I am always amazed how breathtaking Baker’s art is.
    One funny anecdote is, last year I was in New Orleans and I was passing by an art gallery where I thought I noticed Baker’s art. I walk in and discover that some guy named Todd White is totally aping Kyle’s style on some very high-priced prints. Anyone heard of him?

  3. That’s not a better-written-than-average rant. That’s fanboy rage, that is. I can’t fault him for blaming Didio, but he lost me with this line: “snuff is a lot less difficult to watch.”

    Sometimes I think The Beat links to stuff like this occasionally just to start a discussion/throwdown.

  4. I know I’m alone in this opinion here, but I just didn’t care much for Scott Pilgrim. I bought the first three based on what I’d read here, so I have to say I gave it a shot. Too cartoony/manga-y, it jumped around too much, and the story was just adequate. Not my thing, but I like the fact that it’s found success.