§ Over on his blog, Howard Cruse looks back at an 80s TV appearance:

Crumb and S. Clay Wilson being unavailable, it fell to me, a one-time flower-powered longhair who by 1984 had discovered the convenience of a shorter trim, to acquaint a mainstream television audience with what we dope-smoking, acid-tripping counterculture cartoonists of yore had brought forth once we applied our comix-creating impulses to the dispensation of outrageous sexual fantasies, religious transgression, political belligerence and, in my case, cockroach-infested parables on cosmic matters—all in “easy-to-read comic book form.”

§ Have you ever wondered what the state of cartooning was in Brunei? Wonder no more!:

Cartooning is not considered a “real” job in Brunei but those willing to take the leap of passion will find it rewarding.

§ CNN profiles Milton Caniff.

§ Writer Clifford
and artist by Rufus Dayglo, are running an original art contest to promote their new IDW mini-series SNAKED.
Details here.