Our web woes last week left the links stacked up like cordwood. So to keep you busy the rest of the week, here’s a bunch of things we clipped over the last while….


§ Ada Price previews The Big Graphic Novels of 2010 some of which are periodicals, but, okay.

§ Writer Derek McCulloch (Stagger Lee, Pug, Gone to Amerikay) has a POD collection of his short stories available: Stories of a Callow Youth

§ Some folks were tweeting obliquely about MARVELMAN recently.

§ Marvel has made some promotions. Tom Brevoort is now a Vice President, Executive Editor, as has Axel Alonso, and Steve Wacker has been promoted to Senior Editor. Alonso and Wacker both got their first rise to prominence at DC, while Brevoort is a Marvel man all the way. Congrats to all three!

§ Congrats to Jennifer de Guzman on the arrival of Mateo Bernard de Guzman Belew.

§ Congrats also to Brian K. Vaughan and wife Ruth who just had a baby boy.

§ Some weird stuff went on with the Zuda comic Thunderchickens.

The Way We Live Now:

§ Shaenon explains that Twilight Is Manga

Many thematic parallels to crappy shojo manga are obvious. The heroine is a pretty and popular yet “ordinary” girl whose one (1) character flaw is clumsiness–which isn’t really a flaw, since it just makes her cute and in need of constant rescue by leggy, hot men. The love interest is a bishonen guy surrounded by sparkles. Their relationship consists mostly of the hero bossing the heroine around, insulting her, and periodically protecting her from other hot assholes, just like in every shojo manga published in the latter half of the 1990s.

§ The Cool Kidz Table look back at the decade reaches 2007 and continues to define our current comics culture, as we contemplate the idea that Wizard once interviewed Art Spiegelman

Joe had reached out to Spiegelman and gotten him to agree to an interview with Wizard, which was kinda tantamount to Entertainment Weekly landing an interview with Nelson Mandela to discuss Invictus in terms of a legitimizing event. Wizard had long been seen as the unruly frat house of comics, so a working relationship of any sorts with Art Spiegelman, complete with meaty interview and profile, would be a huge first step in Joe’s savvy plan to up the mag’s profile and pedigree.

Comics craft and culture:

§ Todd Klein is examining the logos of John Workman.

The open letters have a drop shadow on the right side only, which to my eye makes it possible to see the letters as either raised above the enclosing box, or inset into it. The comic lasted fifteen issues, not great, but not bad for a villain book.

David Brothers calls out Ed Benes

And, well, I realize that Simone can’t trash her artist (that would be unprofessional), but that doesn’t actually reflect reality. Benes’s men have one face, his women another, and they all have the same flat, empty expression. The body language tends to be of the “crotch or butt thrust directly at the reader” variety, and the “subtle acting” is so subtle as to be nonexistent. The “fiery European influence” would be better termed “draws kinda like Jim Lee used to, only with bigger boobs,” and the “vaguely manga and video game-esque influences” is the kind of annoying strawman people pull all the time without actually naming names. Is she talking about UDON? Humberto Ramos? Paul Pope? Joe Madureira? Ed McGuinness?

§ Colleen Doran declares: I did not work on Marvel’s Girl Comics and never even heard of it.

§ Paul Gravett’s Best of 2009 is a list that rewards much study.

§ You may also enjoy R. Fiore’s thoughts on some 2009 comics.


§ An interview with Eleanor Davis by Kelly Thompson

§ Henry Chamberlain chats with Lark Pien


§ Ink Panthers (Mike Dawson and Alex Robinson) talks with SMILE’s Raina Telgemeier and has the best graphic of all.

§ Brian Heater wraps up his Frank Santoro four-parter

Does having published comics make it more difficult to be critical of someone else’s work?

Oh, totally. It’s like I have less of a license to attack something. “How dare you say Alex Ross sucks, Frank? You suck. You can’t draw. Look at your work, Frank. You suck.” But the person that’s saying that is some schlub who has never picked up a pencil. That’s really tough. I’m not saying that that person has less of a critical eye than I do, or anything. A lot of this is just opinions. But it’s tough. I’m so used to people just telling me, in terms of comics, that I don’t have what it takes. I’m so—I’m okay with that. I’ve been hearing that my entire life. “You suck, Santoro.”

Stuff to kill time:

§ ASIFA-Hollywood’s Stephen Worth curated some awesome animation links for Boing Boing

Red Stuff:

§ Rich Johnston points out that arist Cully Hamner isn’t getting mentioned in all the RED movie press THIS MUST BE STOPPED.

§ And….set photos are coming out. WE WANT HELEN MIRREN!

Nerdlebrity news:

§ An interview we did not expect to see> Wrestler Matt Striker Talks PLANET HULK


§ Tough guy Vinnie Jones — most often found beating someone up in a Guy Richie movie —
is doing a comic with Howard Chaykin. CRAZY.

§ OCH! Gerard Butler beat Susan Boyle and won the Scot of the Year award


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