Kevin Conroy, the Batman himself, is reprising his role (sort of) this Thursday. The definitive voice of Bruce Wayne is teaming up with DC to read a chapter of the recently released Batman: The Adventures Continue, which brings some of the Batman: The Animated Series creative team back together.

The comic, which was one of few new releases last week, is a digital-first title written by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini with art by Ty Templeton, color by Monica Kubina, featuring a cover by Dave Johnson.

The Beat’s DC Round-Up team calls Batman: The Adventures Continue, one of the best timed-releases of recent memory. The nostalgic reuniting between the Batman: The Animated Series writers and illustrator in Templeton (and now Conroy) “read as if an episode of the original show had been lost and was just now finding its way to the world in comic form.” Ironically, the review also mentions how evocative the dialogue is of the show’s original voice cast.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter Two hits digital platforms on April 15. To hear Conroy work on a Burnett and Dini Bat-project one more time, just tune into DC’s Instagram on Thursday, April 9 at 10 AM PT.