Archie Comics is launching a new version of the classic miniseries Jughead’s Time Police, debuting this June from the creative team of writer Sina Grace and artist Derek Charm.

In this new story, the titular character biffs his entry in the Riverdale Annual Bake-Off so badly that he (obviously) has to head back in time for a second chance. Doing so inevitably musses up the entire timeline, and hijinks ensue. The first issue is due out on June 12, and the book will run for five issues with the potential to continue on longer if fans are receptive (Syfy Wire had the exclusive).

The original Jughead’s Time Police ran for six issues, starting in 1990 and wrapping up in 1991. Variant covers for the new book will come courtesy of Tyler Boss, Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack with Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Tracy Yardley.

Jughead’s Time Police is a beloved concept that was screaming to be modernized, so once we read Sina’s pitch, we knew we were in business,” Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura tells Syfy Wire. “He honors what came before but gives the idea a much-needed jolt. I can’t think of a better artist to bring it to life than Derek, who had a stellar run on the main Jughead title — which kind of feels like a warmup for this!”

This marks a continued branching out for the Archie franchise, which has been steaming up TV screens with the ostentatious and self-aware CW teen drama, Riverdale. In the comics, meanwhile, Archie has been putting out a set of great horror books about characters ranging from Jughead (as a zombie) to Veronica (as a vampire) to the Blossom twins (as spawn of the devil). The recently-concluded Archie 1941 was a period comic that read like a prestige film. It’s all pretty exciting for fans of these characters.

Meanwhile, Charm’s concept art for the new series depicts Jughead as pretty similar to his TV counterpart portrayed by actor Cole Sprouse. The cover for the first issue, done by Charm himself, is above, and below you can find a look at the book’s character designs from Archie Comics The alternate versions of Jughead in 1941 are especially cool…


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