Bookbig Postcards-1Sometimes a press release becomes part of the fun, as with this communication re: Jordan Crane’s new set of postcards:

Okay, so look.

You know how when you borrow your friend’s dad’s car and you’re driving along on the freeway, not tailgating, but not not tailgating, and you’re fiddling with the radio and you look up and there’s a wall of bright red brakelights in front of you and you’re going eighty miles an hour, and you stomp on the brake and grip the wheel, and your forehead goes all cold and fishy, and you feel the tires let go of the road and here it comes, you’re going to get a practical lesson in physics and there’s nothing to be done about it now, this is it, it’s over, done and done, take it out, serve it up, the end, good night, and then you’re sliding by the car in front of you, so close that you can see the little girl in the passenger seat combing her barbie’s blonde hair with a little pink comb with plastic diamonds on it, and then you’re stopped in a rubbery blue haze, and what the fuck would have you told your friend’s dad? You should have hit that car, you deserved to hit the car, but there you are, on the side of the road, scot-free, not a scratch.

Well, that’s me when I get a book back from the printer and everything looks like it ought to look.

And so here’s this postcard set. I’ve been working on it for quite awhile and at last it’s done. I now have, in my hands, a set of 30 postcards called uptight all night. The images are primarily from the prints on reddingk, quite a few of which are out of print, but now are back.

In miniature.

But make no mistake, they’re perfect as they can be. I printed the set using a little known and highly specialized offset process, and the result is extremely high resolution and vibrant color images. It’s really astounding, and I’m very happy with it. The color is very flat and lush, and identical to the original prints. The cards are immaculate.

Have a look for yourself.