The latest Vault Comics creator pairing to drop today matches up writer Jon Tsuei and artist Stacey Lee. As with previous announcements, no information about the book itself has been teased, but fans can bank on something exciting from this creative team.

Tsuei’s stellar work on the publisher’s Sera and the Royal Stars is enough to get you interested in what’s next for the writer. His ability to create an intricate world and likable, well-developed characters made the series a must-read from issue one. Other credits include RunLoveKill, Bitch Planet: Triple Feature, and more.

Lee, on the other hand, has done extensive work for Marvel ranging from Silk and The Unstoppable Wasp to Gwenpool.

With one more day in 2020, what will Vault announce tomorrow? Check back to find out and stay tuned for more details on upcoming series.

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