Patrick over at UGO has various script leaks on the suddenly fast-tracked JLA movie:

Ever since the JLA movie was announced people have been wondering what the storyline for the film will be about. What unites these diverse heroes to join together? Are there any villains from the Superman or Batman movies that will make their appearances? Finally we have some answers to give you today thanks to a deep cover source that’s read the script for Justice League of America and provided us with answers to some of our questions.

Of course, we know tghat Beat readers have only ONE real question: WHAT WILL JESSICA BIEL BE DOING?


— Wonder Woman is portrayed as the member that acts as defacto humanitarian and face for the League. Our source told us that the best way to describe how she is written in the script is to “think of Angelina Jolie and her relations with foreign countries.”


  1. So they’re making the Amazon the diplomat/caring type of the bunch? Presumably for Superman they opt for the distant-messiah type instead of the Kansas raised boy scout, Yup, they’re definitely thinking this through.

  2. “… think of Angelina Jolie and her relations with…”

    …So, she’s going to get Guy Gardner’s name tattooed on her arm and adopt J’onn J’onnz and John Stewart…?

  3. Let’s begin the idle speculation!

    The Redeye is clearly an Brother Eye/OMAC sort of thing. I wonder how this will go over considering Batman’s rationale seemed perhaps more just in light of the mindwipes revealed in Identity Crisis. Perhaps this will make Batman seem a little too “bad”.

    I’m betting that they’re going to be pulling villains from the big three and since we’ve got the Dark Knight coming out soon, it won’t be joker or any other batman rogues. Wonder Woman, The Flash, and J’onn don’t have any really recognizable villains and all the Green Lantern villains are too closely associated with Hal. Probably a Superman villain and given the fact that they take over Redeye I’m betting on Brainiac.

    John Stewart? Lame! Although probably not as lame as Kyle or Guy would end up being in a movie. Kyle would be all “Green Lantern X-treme” so I guess we can thank whomever for giving us a tame, although slightly boring in my eyes, Lantern.

    As to the whomever goes “bad” it’s clearly not Batman because he finds out. Superman is probably out and given the cuddly info we have on Wonder Woman probably not her either. Young Flash seems unlikely (and will probably be Bart Allen BTW) because of his age and school-boy crush on Wonder Woman as does John Stewart because of how dependable and all around boring he is. This cuts out pretty much everyone but Martian Manhunter whose insanity will be blamed on his alien lineage.

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