Very sad news going around this morning that Jay Kennedy, the highly respected editor in chief at King Features syndicate has died in a drowning accident while on vacation in Costa Rica. No further details are available at this time.

Kennedy was a major figure in the comic strip business, liked and respected by all, and this is a huge loss.


  1. Shocking news! I’m so sorry for his family. Jay was THE authority on Underground Comix who wrote the only price guide.

  2. I went to school with Jay, and knew him since the ninth grade, so I’m hit on two levels, both as a professional cartoonist and as an old friend. We were in art class together, and his talents and passion for the art were evident even then. I received one of the first copies of his UNDERGROUND COMICS PRICE GUIDE. Over the years, I would see him both at comics conventions and high school reuinions. Of the latter, the only one he ever missed was the 30th, when it conflicted with the Reubens. I’ve recently suffured losses in my family, but these I knew were coming. Not that it makes it any easier- we all know it doesn’t. Jay’s passing, however, was so sudden. I’m in shock.

  3. Jay was a great guy. I met him in Denver in 2005. Nicest guy you’d ever want to meet. Knew everything about the comics business. Answered my silly questions with grace and patience. I’ll miss him.

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