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We don’t know how many of your have been following the adventures of Ivan Brandon and Kristyn Ferretti. The NYC MECH duo has been traveling around South America for a few months, and having the most incredible adventures you could possibly imagine and blogging about it. New Year’s Eve on a beach with Fireworks! Amazon journeys! Eduardo Risso! Llamas! Lost cities!

We especially liked the part where they discovered a lost tribe, and were offered a local delicacy of slugs on a banana leaf and then uncovered some ancient cave comics that prefigured compressed storytelling.

Okay, we made that last part up, but barely. Meanwhile, Ivan’s also been keeping up with his scripting deadlines at the same time. Truly a Superman.

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  1. Is that Lake Titicaca? I remember that type of boat from an old Disney cartoon where Donald Duck visits and pulls on one errant weave and the whole thing falls apart like a cheap sweater. I’m gonna have to check this travelogue out!

  2. ugh! O.O Don’t tell me that part about the eating of the slugs was true! I didn’t read it on their blogs, but hopefully I didn’t miss it. That’s one of my worst nightmares, having to eat a slug to survive! AAAAAAA!!!!!