Is Diamond going to be selling DC’s digital comics?  It certainly looks that way.  As you may recall, Diamond entered into a new digital partnership with Trajectory in May.  Here’s a bit from the Publisher’s Weekly piece on it:

Jim Bryant, CEO of Trajectory, said the new deal reflects “a significant amount of demand around the world for English language comics” and the new partnership will allow Trajectory to offer Diamond publishers “a digital solution. Some of them are doing frontlist e-books but we also want access to their backlists.”


Under the agreement, publishers pay a one-time fee of $1 page for production. Trajectory will also offer production services as an advance against royalties. Trajectory provides a logon site where publishers can upload PDFs of their comics. Trajectory converts the PDF into the format for each retail channel and distribute it to their network of vendors.

So what’s that on the Trajectory website today?  Would that be an issue of Earth 2?  With the Diamond logo on the page?  Why yes, it would.

Here’s a screenshot:



You’ll also find Dynamite’s Uncanny on the homepage and a “New in Comics & Graphic Novels” section at the bottom, none of that being live yet.

Very interesting.  DC would mean the new Diamond digital offering is already a big step ahead of the last one.  Is Marvel joining?


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  1. Just to clarify Trajectory is not distributing digital editions of DC comics – We apologize for any confusion.

    We are however currently talking to every comics publisher in North America regarding our global distribution network.

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