Art by Jack Kirby. Copyright: DC Comics
Art by Jack Kirby. Copyright: DC Comics

Bad news and possibly good news. Tom Fowler, exceptional Canadian artist, announced on Twitter that he passed up an opportunity to work on one of Jack Kirby’s most beloved characters: Kamandi.

He could be blowing smoke up our arse. But we are still waiting on an answer. Obviously, Fowler’s Kamandi fan art based on Iggy Pop and The Stooges’ classic “Search and Destroy” is a perfect example of why he would be a qualified candidate for the comic.

From Comic Twart:

About a year ago I realized that the Stooges’ song “search and destroy” could have been literally based on KAMANDI from start to finish. So of course what else would I do but plot out a KAMANDI story based on the song? …From start to finish.

He has a point:

It doesn’t seem outrageous that DC might be working on a Kamandi project with of the Multiversity series going on. Correct me if I’m wrong Internet, but the last time we saw the post-apocalyptic survivor was during Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis event? I’m sure Fowler’s reasons for declining that comic were good, and I can’t wait to see what project he’s working on that would prevent him from accepting the gig.


  1. Gianni is right on target there; I still cannot believe that DC passed on Paul Pope’s offer to do Kamandi for them.

  2. You’re wrong. Kamandi made a cameo in Booster Gold Future’s End one shot that released only a week ago.

    That really gives very good reason to believe DC is looking to make a Kamandi book.

  3. I don’t think there’s going to be a Multiversity book about Kamandi’s world (they’ve said what all of them are, and I don’t recall him being mentioned), but he might indeed show up. Don’t know what that means for a Kamandi comic, though.

  4. @Michael, If I’m not mistaken Grant mentioned that one of the Earths is Kirby’s OMAC+Kamandi but it won’t be featured in any of the one-shots (maybe one page glimpse at some climatic battle).

  5. I can’t decide who I like better: Iggy Pop, the world’s forgotten boy, or Kamandi, the last boy on Earth?

  6. Kamandi will be appearing in the Multiversity Guidebook that I believe will be due out in January (possibly?), per his panel at SDCC.

  7. Both DC and Marvel are hamstrung by the fact that every single character has to be part of their particular universe. Kirby’s characters would be better off not being part of one unified universe. Back in the day (I’m a geezer), the idea of linking every character together might have made sense, and was novel. Now it’s no longer novel, as having multiple heroes share the same universe takes away from whatever unique quality a particular character might have. It’s like being part of a mob. Faceless.

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