So much for GTA IV:

The summer blockbuster season is off to a flying start with Robert Downey, Jr. in Iron Man. Financed and produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Paramount, the spectacularly-reviewed comic book adaptation received an estimated 12% improvement from its opening day for a staggering $36.4M Saturday. That should translate to a $94.74M 3-day, and when Thursday night preview screenings are added in, the John Favreau-directed pic should have $100.24M banked by Monday morning.

The movie is tracking to be the 9th biggest opening ever, and the second biggest non-sequel opening ever after — what else? — Spider-Man.

Anyway you slice it, it’s a it’s a spectacular success for the debut film from Marvel Studios.

How if they can just get past the Hulk.


  1. Can someone explain to me, in detail, what looks so horrible about the Hulk? From everything I’ve seen, it looks as if they’ve managed to merge the Bixby/Ferrigno show with the comic quite well.

    And please do not tell me that the CGI sucks. It may not be perfect, but I am pretty damn sure that Marvel and ILM are busting their humps to make the best movie that they can with the tech that they have. Just because a horde of vocal, whiny, blinkered “fans” can’t suspend disbelief based on a trailer doesn’t mean the movie is a turd.

  2. Why, John?

    Maybe the general perception is to audiences is: Haven’t we been down this road before?

    Maybe if Universal/Marvel had waited ten years or so to make this film – to mindwipe away the Ang Lee version ( which I had no complaints about) instead of four, perhaps they wouldn’t be groaning too much.

    In Hollywood, we have a low tolerance of box office failure. No margin of error is allowed.

    But I’m glad to see the new one out. I believe in second chances.



  3. I think Iron Man is going to do extremely well. I also believe that this is going to be a film that’s going to have longevity in theatres. Word is spreading like wildfire and I know tons of non comic folk who haven’t seen it yet but plan on going this week or next week simply because of all the good word.

    And its very well deserved.

    Personally, I haven’t seen a comic movie done this well since the first Superman.

    It was absolutely spectacular.

    Big kudos for a job well done to Jon Faverau, Robert Downy Jr, Gweneth Paltro, Terrance Howard and Jeff Bridges.