After her old partner is captured by Moravian spies and sends out one last message containing only her nickname, Sue Storm Richards defies the CIA’s orders and takes it upon herself to bring him home safely. With the reluctant help of Nick Fury, she meets up with the Black Widow in Madripoor, where she hopes to glean information about what happened to Adrian. In Invisible Woman #2, the pair team up, despite each having very unique ways of doing things.

This issue continues to straddle two time periods: Sue’s work with Adrian from nearly a decade ago, and her quiet life today. Marvel provided The Beat with an exclusive, six-page preview of the issue, on sale August 7. Take a look at the preview below, then be sure to pick up a copy of Invisible Woman #2 at your local comic shop on Wednesday.

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Mattia de Iulis
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist: Adam Hughes
Publisher: Marvel

Susan Richards, the Invisible Woman, forms an unlikely — and uneasy — alliance with fellow spy the Black Widow to comb the alleys and palaces of Madripoor! They’re searching for Sue Richards’ first partner — but what they discover will shake Sue to the core and turn her mission upside down!

Invisible Woman #2 cover art by Adam Hughes

Invisible Woman #2 preview


  1. All rectangles, crap backgrounds. Boring. I don’t understand who would want to read storyboards with quick-as-you-can computer coloring.

  2. So Sue was a spy? Amazing how elastic the history of the characters of the mu are. Nice that they are giving her some solo adventures, but really a spy?

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