While political winds may change at the drop of a hat in America, the Library of Congress as remained a steady pillar of our culture. Dedicated to preserving content that provides insight to the zeitgeist throughout history, this week, the Library launched an online archive of webcomics.

In a statement, Megan Halsband, a librarian in the Serial and Government Publications Division, said that “Webcomics are an increasingly popular format utilized by contemporary creators in the field and often include material by artists not available elsewhere.”

Diversity was a primary focus for this initial collection of comics. Halsbrand told the Washington Post that “I tried to collect female creators because we don’t have a lot of them historically in the mainstream collection.”

Many of the creators in this collection have already seen their work printed or have gone on to become major successes outside of the webcomics sphere. These creatives include Noelle Stevenson, Kate Beaton, Allie Brosh, and Meredith Gran.

Here’s a rundown of what’s available now:

  1. Hark! a vagrant
  2. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
  3. xkcd
  4. Magical Game Time
  5. Dinosaur Comics!
  6. Hyperbole and a Half
  7. sticky comics
  8. The Abominable Charles Christopher
  9. As the Crow Flies
  10. the Sinking Ship
  11. Eat More Bikes
  12. Girl Genius Online Comics!
  13. Stop Paying Attention
  14. Gronk
  15. sticks angelica
  16. Shortpacked! – Toys are serious business.
  17. Oyster War
  18. Hobo Lobo of Hamelin
  19. Nimona | Gingerhaze
  20. The Loneliest Astronauts
  21. Nedroid Picture Diary
  22. Sin Titulo
  23. Scenes From A Multiverse
  24. JL8
  25. Girly
  26. Manfeels Park
  27. SHE-SPAN
  28. Terms of Service: Understanding Our Role in the World of Big Data
  29. Priya’s Shakti
  30. Girls With Slingshots
  31. Questionable Content
  32. Bendependent
  33. Chester 5000 XYV
  34. octopus pie
  35. Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell
  36. Unshelved
  37. What’s Normal Anyway?
  38. The Nib
  39. DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary


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