A cryptic email blast went out to comics press today, suggesting that in 2021 Jeff Lemire and Jock are doing…something.

The subject line read: “Jeff Lemire * Jock * 2021”, and the below image was the only thing in the body of the email:

Jeff Lemire and Jock

Oooo, cryptic. Given the PR source that sent the e-mail blast, my money is on a new Kickstarter. Although, I saw it suggested on Twitter that this could be a book within Scott Snyder’s new indie publishing venture, Best Jackett Press, and while I’m not sure there’s anything to suggest that imprint goes beyond Snyder-penned comics, both Lemire and Jock have been recent Snyder collaborators. But I digress…

In terms of what it might be about: well, there’s not a whole lot to go on but there looks to be both blood and snow. Perhaps even blood splattered upon snow, which is always a winning visual.

Anyway, the bottom line here is that Jeff Lemire and Jock are top-tier comics creators, and also guessing about things is fun! The Beat will, of course, keep you fine readers abreast of any and all additional super cryptic comics press mass mailings.