How many stories start like this?

I was having a pint with editor Nick Lowe, and he suggested putting the Phantom Eagle up against dinosaurs.

Thankfully at Marvel Secret Wars means that the publisher gets to play up even goofier ideas than usual.

The upcoming crossover is exploring the War part of the Secret Wars title by introducing veteran writer Garth Ennis back into Marvel comics. The legendary Punisher scribe is returning to the House of Ideas with a World War I character known as The Phantom Eagle. The story is entitled Where Monsters Dwell. Longtime collaborator of Ennis, Russ Braun is illustrating the comic. Karl Kaufmann is the Phantom Eagle, an old character who first appeared in the 1960’s. Vulture announced the news with an emphasis on dinosaurs, biplanes, and World War 1 culture. May 27 see’s a return to the legacy flavored action of Ennis and the Eagle’s adventures that started in 2008’s War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle. Vulture had several more delectable quotes from Ennis:

 Sometime in the early 1920s, ex–Great War fighter pilot Karl Kaufmann is bumming around the Far East, getting into various scrapes and trying to make a dishonest buck. He agrees to fly naïve English socialite Clementine Franklin-Cox to Singapore, only to end up blown off course and flung into an exotic world of dinosaurs, cannibals, and a rather unusual tribe of amazons — who have their own plans for Clemmie. She, in turn, is not quite all she seems.

Finally, the author also shared how involved this story is to Secret Wars itself:

Not really for me to say.

Ladies and gentlemen we’re in for a treat!



  1. Garth Ennis! I haven’t read his stuff in a while. The Boys got really stale (an idea that had gone on too long), but I still like to hear what he’s up to. Preacher was that good (and Hitman and Punisher and his Hellblazer and…) . I’ll pick this up.

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