Ledger Joker
Quite a bit of viral marketing seems to be going on with the making of BATMAN sequel THE DARK KNIGHT underway. One such exampled is this site: I Believe in Harvey Dent which shows Aaron Eckhart as the future Two-Face. There’s also this site, which morphs into the first image of Heath Ledger as the Joker pixel by pixel as more people clicked on it. Cool.


  1. Eckhart’s a great choice for two-face (is two-face actually going to be in this one?). The image of the Joker ain’t my thing though. I was really hoping for a throwback to the inspiration for the Joker, as seen in that black and white film (didn’t you post a pic of it recently?). It was creepy as hell, and would capture the Joker perfectly. As it is, this is just a guy with a crappy make up artist.

  2. Um, you might want to convert that image to a JPEG. A 480 KB TIFF isn’t exactly the best choice for viewing on the web. There’s the size, and then there’s the fact that most web browsers won’t display it inline.

    Just a thought…

  3. The concept of registering and setting up a series of new and specific URLs for the purpose of marketing/teasers/spoilers reminds of Trent Reznors “Year Zero” campaign/game.

    I suspect more snippets will be leaked piecemeal, and each will offer a new clue as to the look, plot, and themes of the movie.

    Is http://ibelieveinharveydent.warnerbros.com the first we’ve seen so far?

  4. Jack Nicholson was the best Joker and Micheal Keaton was the best Batman there ever was and probably ever will be. this movie might be good but it is not even gonna come close. Also, why are they remaking a movie that is pretty much already been done they should try something new with a different villian that has not been used.