Marvel has just announced more details on the post-Secret Wars ongoing series for Weirdworld taking place in the All-New, All-Different Universe launching immediately after the publishing event. The series is switching creative teams from writer Jason Aaron to Sam Humphries of Legendary Star-Lord fame — previous Weirdworld artist Mike Del Mundo is returning to the comic. Humphries is also changing the lead character,  allowing the weary Arkon to rest as a 16-year old girl named Becca takes his place. announced the news and shared that Becca will be returning to Weirdworld after she lands there crashing down from Earth:

The main character of this book is Becca, a 16-year old girl from Earth who doesn’t land on Weirdworld, she crashes into it. She’s just a normal girl, who was already in the middle of her own tragic Earthbound quest. Now her quest has become even more difficult; she must find her way home through a place where good and evil are subsumed in a hurricane of madness.

Becca meets Ogeode, a wizard who hails from both Weirdworld and Earth. The next character joining her supporting cast is Goleta, a woman who calls herself a Wizardslayer.  Humphries teased further information about Goleta in his interview with

She’s like a non-stop party carrying a broadsword and a deep hatred for wizards. Oh, and she drives a bad ass muscle car.

The last character Humphries teased was Catbeast– details on this character were light, but the name is very evocative. Avengers villain Morgan Le Fay will remain the ruler of Weirdworld and is said to still have an army of Man-Thing soldiers working for her. This is an interesting next step for the Marvel Universe, and as much as we have been enjoying the continuing adventures of Arkon, Becca’s journey may prove more fruitful for an ongoing series.

Many of the story elements introduced to the series by Aaron thankfully seem to be returning. This is  another smart play for Marvel in having a younger character introduced to the publishing slate. Also, that’s one hell of a first cover — featuring an assortment of those really cool key chains. Perhaps this heroine is, like Kamala Khan, a lover of Marvel superheroes?