AND he knows how to include attachments, in this case, a WOLVERINE cast photo.


  1. 1. …what are they looking at?

    2. Has Ryan Reynolds turned twenty again, or something? He looks like my nephew.

    3. No, seriously. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT.

    4. They look like the world’s crappest opera crossover group. IL EXXO, or something.

    5. Is it SHAME, Liev Schreiber? IS IT?!

    6. I think it’s a kitten. No – we’re the kitten, and we’ve shit the place, and they’ve just got back to the flat from a late show of Paul Blart, and Logan is mad…


  2. All but Logan actually have their eyes closed…in the high-res image on AICN. Maybe the camera lights were too bright.