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  1. See, I’ve had one for years but the character inside is kirby (you know, pink, fluffy, nintendo character. I’ve never once thought there’s anything wrong with it, it’s a cute little toy where you press the right button, Kirby dances (bounces?) with somewhat annoying sound and music. Press left button, it dances (bounces?) some more with slightly different sound and different movement.

    What’s so fun about it? It’s not really fun. I get bored of it in 10 minutes (beats studying somtimes though), it’s just cute to watch this cute pink ball chaqracter bounces and jumps around up and down, left and right. >.>

  2. I think whatever you people have in mind on ‘how to play this’ may be more fun… wait… no… toy’s recommend for age 3+… WHAT DO YOU have in mind anyways? Think of the children, people… ;)

  3. How can anybody not help but snicker and giggle at seeing this? Just . . . wow. “Unfortunate accident of engineering,” indeed! :D

    Though perhaps fortunate for the older generation of women everywhere . . .? :D

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