How Aaron Campbell is comics’ Ron Swanson

INFIDEL & HELLBLAZER artist Aaron Campbell reveals how woodworking, preserves, and more are integrated into his artistic process


Aaron Campbell is a comic book artist, but he’s not just a comic book artist. Over the years, the artist behind DC Comics’ latest upcoming run of Hellblazer has engaged in woodworking, butter production, pond building, and more. As he describes in this special video interview, his life is anything but “standard…” besides the cup of coffee he drinks every morning, anyways.

Campbell is perhaps best known for his work with Pornsak Pichetshote and José Villarrubia on the Image Comics series Infidel. This story follows a diverse group of young adults who live together in a New York apartment building that turns out to be haunted by horrors that feed off xenophobia. Coming off of the cultural uproar of Jordan Peele‘s film Get Out, Infidel was a burst of fresh air in comics’ horror genre. The book was included on “best of” lists on outlets such as NPR, Huffington Post, and The Beat itself. All the acclaim was in no small part thanks to Campbell’s incredibly atmospheric work, which blended multiple mediums to heighten the divide between the world of the living and what lies beyond it.

Infidel Cover by Aaron Campbell

However, even before Infidel and his more recent work on Lucifer, Aaron Campbell has made a name for himself on titles such as Green HornetThe Shadow, and more. Join The Beat as we dive deep into what makes Campbell a modern Bohemian.