§ It’s on! Mark Evanier live blogs from the WGA meeting.


§ Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has been linked to the upcoming Shazam movie, but during SOUTHLAND TALES promos, he revealed that he would be playing…Black Adam! Now admit it, you saw that one coming, right?

§ The animated PERSEPOLIS film has won another award, the Sutherland Trophy — this one at the 51st annual Times BFI London Film Festival.

The animated adaptation of Satrapi’s graphic novel, which gives a girl’s-eye view of Iran’s Islamic revolution, was recognized as “most imaginative first feature” screened during the two-week festival. The jury described the “Persepolis” as “an astonishing and courageous film, which captures a universal story with real style and is irreverent, fresh, witty and also heartbreaking.”

We smell Oscar!

§ Today’s comic book optionDavid Fincher on THE KILLER, a European crime caper from 1988:

The graphic novel was written by Matz, whose real name is Alexis Nolent. The author works for Ubisoft, one of France’s biggest videogame companies. Luc Jacamon illustrated the novel, which was originally published in France in 1988 by Casterman and debuted in the U.S. as a 10-issue series published by Archaia Studio Press.

§ We missed this yesterday due to our blogging layoff, but Joss Whedon’s comics writing time is about to be tragically curtailed by his new TV show…la dee da! : DOLLHOUSE, starring Buffy’s Eliza Dushku as part of a team of operatives who can be imprinted with any memory or personality. Dushku’s character will begin to achieve self-awareness, however, and you can bet that will conflict with the globe spanning adventures. Whedon is interviewed in the link at E Online.

§ Oh and speaking of SOUTHLAND TALES, which has a key graphic novel tie-in, Vulture has a brief review:

Our editor’s one-sentence review, dazedly delivered over the phone immediately after viewing Richard Kelly’s magnum opus: “It was like watching Howard the Duck with a high fever.”


  1. Well, there are two issues of both Runaways and X-Men left. I think that’s all Whedon has left to do. So it not so bad.

  2. In defense of Hollywood, casting comic characters is really hard, so I don’t mean this to be too critical. That said, I haven’t felt as good about a casting decision before as I do about THE ROCK as BLACK ADAM. That’s really, really good.

  3. No, no, no, Joss’s time is about to opened way up for writing comics. Writer’s strike, remember? No TV, no movies, likely to drag on for weeks, and Joss doesn’t seem the type to specialize in -not- writing, y’know?