By: Alexander Jones

Jonathan Hickman is going through a pretty massive career change. First up, he’s relaunching The Manhattan Projects with a new number one and title change, with The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond The Stars #1. Expect the new #1 on March 11, 2015, along with Nick Pitarra on art with Jordie Bellaire on colors.

The_Manhattan_Projects_1_2015Next up, is some Marvel news. After spearheading a giant event in the Avengers side of Marvel with infinity, along with two additional Avengers books, it seems the author is seeking a “nap.” Hickman references the furious shipping schedule at Marvel for reasons behind this career move:

I do think that going to Marvel is a very good move for some creators to make. It’s certainly been good for me. And because they’re double-shipping, you really can’t simulate the volume and velocity of the work – it’s like getting live reps in sports. Going to press isn’t something you can practice.

The story came from a Newsarama interview, and it’s also worth noting that Hickman is only a taking a breather at Marvel AFTER the upcoming Secret Wars event that he is writing.

Saying that, I’m on my last couple of issues of Avengers and I’m into the eight issues of Secret Wars, and after that I’m taking a bit of a break. I need it. The Image work will, however, endure nap time.

Of course, Jonathan Hickman isn’t leaving comics entirely either. We have his upcoming title The Dying and the Dead to look forward too, as well as The Manhattan Projects and East of West. Really Hickman is not taking a nap, he might just be working more than ever now!

Oh, and Hickman also says this to Newsarama when asked about what’s next for him:

Feel Better Now – written and drawn by me –  will come out from Image in the back half of 2016, but other than that, sleeping. Oh, and catching up on comics I’ve missed.

Does he actually sleep?


  1. Going to miss his take on the Marvel universe, but love his indepenent work, too. Either way, whatever’s best for him is good for me as a reader, too!

  2. His Manhattan Projects and East of West books actually do really well. They probably bring him enough money to live on even without the Marvel work. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he got more TV work like Ed Brubaker did after he left Marvel.

  3. Much as I enjoy his Marvel work (particularly his Fantastic Four run), I look forward to seeing what else he has to offer us. I first came across his work when I read The Nightly News. I’m sure that there will be any number of people out there to write Avengers, but only one person who can create Jonathan Hickman books.

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