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January 21.


  1. Lost, alright. It’s hard to “care” about a show when it’s season is set to start whenever the network feels like it. Perhaps that’s a move calculated to generate tension and longing for it?

    Another annoyance, since I’m on the topic, is when a tv show is constantly moved around the schedule, making it impossible to find. The Unit, for example, is scheduled to air at 11pm on Sunday night in my time zone. Fine, except that it actually broadcasts anywhere from 11pm to 1230 AM ( yikes) when delayed by football, political coverage, or any-old-thing. Ratings will go down, of course. Nasty way to kill a show.

  2. I don’t think it’s a matter of the ABC network starting the show “whenever they feel like it.” The “LOST” start date for the last two season’s has been in January so the episodes run consecutive weeks with no gaps. Same as “24” has been doing. If it started in September there would be necessary weeks off to get the (usual) 22 episodes to last through May.

    It’s six-of-one, half-dozen-of-the-other… you can either complain that the season has too many delays throughout its run or that it’s starting too late. It’s a calculated move, but not a manipulative one IMO.

  3. Good point McGone. It has started around the same time of year.

    If I remember correctly, the writer strike had interfered in one season’s schedule, splitting the season’s episodes. Hmm, I seem to remember THAT.
    Maybe there is hope in remembering what happened in Lost last season, ha ha.

  4. I think my enthusiasm will come back once they release last season’s DVDs.

    PLUG: I assume the weekly LOST recaps will return this year, although that has not been discussed with H. yet.

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